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Charity and Fund raising     



Frozberries is committed to giving back to the community, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with charity organizations and fund raising event organizers. By partnering with Frozberries, you can offer your supporters high-quality frozen fruits, berries, and veggies at wholesale prices, and the profits from the sales can go towards your charity or fund raising goals.     




To get started, reach out to Frozberries, and let us know about your charity or fund raising event. We will work with you to provide the best products at the best prices and may even offer additional discounts for large orders.  


funds raising

Once you have your products, you can sell them through various channels, such as setting up a booth at a local event or selling them online through your charity or fund raising website. You can also offer free samples to entice people to try your products and make sure to highlight the health benefits of using Frozberries products in their cooking and baking.  




Partnering with Frozberries as a charity or fund raising event organizer can help you raise funds for your cause while promoting healthy and sustainable food choices.  



Click   Here  to contact us or register  Here as Charity & Fund raising organizer .